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Crown Film-Kive Sleeving


Climax Photo is pleased to announce the availability of the original Crown Film Kive Sleeving for Crown Sleevers at discount prices.

While it is true that Crown will no longer produce these products, ClimaxPhoto has been able to aquire the entire remaining inventory of the Crown Film-Kive sleeving.

The remaining inventory of rolls is limited to the following:

35 5 frame 6 row 3 hole punch in 100 and 250 page rolls

120 11 hole punch 100 page rolls

All other styles of Kilm-Kive on Rolls have sold out.


We do still have the Film-Kive in Sheets. These are 250 pages per case.

As an alternative to this discontinued product line, please condsider our Contact Pages

Crown Film Kive 35 100 Paqe Roll

35 mm Page Roll
5 Frames 6 Rows
3 Hole Punched

100 Pages per Roll 

$22.00 $12.00 On Sale! 22045 Quantity:
Crown Film Kive 35 5 Frame Sheets 250

35 mm Sheets 5 Frames 6 Rows
 11 Hole Punched

10 Packs of 25 Sheets per Case

$19.50 22015 Quantity: